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Sometimes it just makes sense to make things motorized. Like when you have a shade that is too large or tall for traditional opening methods. Or when you want to be able to sit on your couch and push a button to close the drapes and watch TV. We can even automate coverings to open and close automatically at set times. Like for that one window that gets hit with that afternoon sun every day. Not to mention motorized treatments are cool! We’ve installed motorized products both indoors and out and no job is too big or too small for us. Want to know more? Head over to our Motorization page!


Have a door that is surrounded with windows and don’t want it to stick out like a sore thumb? The best solution can often be a magic door. With magic doors we match the top treatment styles of your windows to your door. This technique makes the door a blended part of your home’s design and maintains its function. We also use this trick in homes that have center opening windows. Your windows & doors can be functional AND stylish! See if you can spot the “magic” in these photos.


We often find people asking us one question when it comes to cushions- “can you make a cushion to fit _____?” The answer is almost always “Yes!” We haven’t met a cushion yet we couldn’t custom create. We will start by helping you select a durable and beautiful fabric. Then by measuring meticulously we will ensure each cushion will fit snugly in its place. We will also help you decide which foam will be the right thickness for your needs. From oversized banquets to replacing cushions in a motor home, we have the know-how to get the job done!


Pattern matching fabrics is a technique exclusive to custom window treatments. We use pattern matching in a couple different ways. First, we can use to perfectly coordinate the panels of side by side treatments. Second, it is the way we join fabrics together for larger projects so it appears to be one seamless piece. It is a perfectionists dream and not something you will find in retail experiences. One more reason to choose custom!


Banquettes are in high demand in the design world right now. Each custom banquette brings with it it’s own design challenges and opportunities. At WGC! we are up to the challenge of solving the unique design requirements of this seating. The back of this bench is sloped and we had to to measure and perfectly match many angles across multiple cushions. We assisted the client in finding the right foam height for comfort and easy movement with the beautiful table they had selected. Durable fabrics are a must in a project like this and we helped the client choose one that was stunning as well as functional. Our knowledge of foams, fabrics and upholstery techniques means we will take all the guesswork out of your banquette.


Round rooms seem to present a unique set of challenges for the home owner- but don’t worry, we’ve done this before! Sometimes covering windows individually in a round room is a wonderful solution. But sometimes you want to be able to easily open and close drapery for the whole set of windows. Custom creating a rod and drapery ensures that it will fit your space and style perfectly. We can even motorize the treatments so they open with the click of a button. We know how to handle round rooms and windows: let us make the process easy on you!

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